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Nexus has over time built a reputation for giving a soft landing to multinational companies wishing to invest in the Nigerian business landscape through supply of critical information regarding market opportunities, introductions to key contacts and adherence to regulatory requirements.

NNPC Foundation Skills Training Programme  (FSTP) 2007-2009

  • 200 Graduate Engineers.
  • 400 Technicians and Operators.
  • Design, Organisation & Management of Training program Implementation of training program & evaluation of Trainees.
  • Provision of Teaching aids.
  • Procurement of all training materials used.

NNPC  Modified FSTP Engineers 2008 – 2010 Kaduna

  • 400  Graduate Engineers.
  • Design Upstream / Downstream Practical Curriculum.
  • Organisation & Management of Training program.
  • Implementation of training and assessment of Candidates.
  • Provision of learning & assessment tools and equipment.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Deployment of Teaching and Management staff.
  • Working towards accreditation.

Key examples of projects driven by Local Content development are as follows:

SITP 1 & 2  1998 – 2009 Port  Harcourt/Warri

Shell Intensive Training Programme / 2 (Technicians)

  • 1000 technicians in SPDC.
  • 10th year involvement.
  • Train the Trainer Programme.
  • Ongoing Program.

Shell Intensive Training Programme / 1 (Engineers)

  • Graduate Development Program.
  • Partner with Robert Gordon University.
  • 12 months full residential Program.
  • 1000 engineers in SPDC.
  • 4 years involvement.

NLNG Leadership Development Program

  • Course Development on 3 levels of leadership.
  • Introduction to leadership.
  • Team Leadership.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Provided written course, presentations, videos, practical exercises.

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Nexus Alliance Limited (Nexus) is a fully Nigerian Owned Company with capabilities in Training and Technology Services for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Process industries. Nexus was formed in 1998 with a vision of bridging the gap between the skilled manpower needs of Multi-national Corporations and the out put from the Nigerian educational system.