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Customized Services – O&M Contracts


1. Core Labor Contracts (T&M)

Provision of experienced & capable technical resources such as operators and technical experts that provide a “hand-on” service.

2. O&M Alliance Contracts

Contractor is truly empowered. Contractor shares with the operator the responsibility of managing the OPEX. Cost savings is shared between Contractor and Operator.

3. O&M Contracts without Incentives

Personnel supply and management capabilities still controlled by Customer. The remuneration is not subject to an incentive scheme as the exposure, in terms of responsibility and/or liability, is minimal.

4. O&M Contracts with Incentives

Customers wish to engage a service provider that will provide all the necessary means in terms of personnel, logistics, means and equipment. This type of contract is expected to take on board responsibility and liabilities. The remuneration is generally incentivized.

Of these four types of contracts, the latter is currently favoured by operators and similar to those currently undertaken by Nexus Alliance & Its Partner, SPIE Services.

O&M Contracts with Incentives – Major Phases

O&M Contracts with Incentives – Orga Chart

Benefit to the Customer

1. Maintain Highest Standards in Safety Management

2. Cost saving

3. Priority Set on Production and Delivery

4. One Contractor Only as focal point for outsourcing O&M services

5. Local Contract Development

6. Know-how capitalization on many customers/contracts

7. Working closely with the Customer, in an environment of trust, openness, shared management responsibility

Service Methodology

Service Methodology (1)

Preparation Phase (1)

Training, Commissioning & Start-up

  • Specific, process, safety & OJT training;
  • Assistance to project in pre-commissioning, hook-up and commissioning activities;
  • Start-up of all installations;
  • Run-in and performance tests;
  • Supervision of modification & repairs.

Project Management

  • Management policies;
  • QHSE Management Systems & Plans;
  • Administration procedures;
  • Accounting & cost control procedures;
  • Relations with Customer, Partner Subcontractors;
  • Suppliers, Local Authorities – social aspects;
  • Reporting & meeting procedures.


Service Methodology (2)

Preparation Phase (2)

Maintenance Engineering

  • Maintenance strategy;
  • Stock management policy;
  • Spare parts stock definition, procurement, reception, and warehousing;
  • Maintenance files & procedures;
  • CMMS set-up;
  • Maintenance planning;
  • Inspection programs.

Operation Engineering

  • Project organization & logistics;
  • Selection, recruitment, mobilization & training of personnel;
  • Specification & procurement of offices, workshop, warehouse equipment and tools;
  • Selection of subcontractors;
  • Technical documentation management;
  • Operating methods & procedures.


Standard O&M Approach

Normal Operations (1)

Maintenance – Management

  • Preventive / Corrective maintenance;
  • Conditions monitoring maintenance;
  • Statutory interventions and inspections;
  • Specialized Subcontractors Management
  • Management and procurement of  spare parts & consumables;
  • Warehouse & Workshop services
  • Fabrication facilities
  • Technical documentation.

Maintenance – Technical Scope

  • Sectorial maintenance services:
    Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, HVAC and Piping;
  • Specialized maintenance services:
    Rotating equipment, Metering, Telecom network, Control systems, Wellheads,…; Pumps,
  • Subcontracted Expertise:
    Turbines, Engines, Metering devices, Inspection.


  • Preparation of interventions & methods;
  • Running, supervision, control & monitoring of all facilities;
  • Process operations: Start-up & shutdowns – Routine testing of safety & production equipment – Equipment isolations, inerting & cleaning – Etc.
  • Reporting & CPMS.

Normal Operations (2)


  • Organization and strategy;
  • Offices and telecommunication;
  • Accommodation and catering;
  • Guarding and housekeeping;
  • Vehicles;
  • Crew and supply boats;
  • Support utilities and consumables.


  • Short & medium term methods;
  • CMMS implementation or updating;
  • Key maintenance indicators.


  • Production optimization;
  • Review and optimization of Maintenance & Inspection plans and activities;
  • Spare parts stock optimization;
  • Implementation of cost savings programmes.

Nationalization plans

  • Design and implementation of nationalization plans: Selection, Assessment;
  • Replacement plan: customized training.

Project References – General Maintenance Contracts


Country: Nigeria
Facilities: Offshore platform
Short description: Offshore Global Maintenance Contract (GMC) on OML99 / AMENAM


This contract involves offshore platforms project located on OML99 40km off the coast of Port Harcourt. This facility, called AMENAM, consists of 2 production platforms, 1 living quarter, 3 wells platforms and 2 tripods for a production of 40 000 barrels per day and gas export of 9 M Sm3/d to facilities in Bonny LNG. It is the gas compression hub for TOTAL Nigeria offshore facilities (AKPO FPSO, OFON2).

3 Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbine & 2 Thermodyn turbo Compressor are under GMC responsibility.

This is a multi-technical contract (Electrical / HVAC, instrumentation, mechanical, Turbine and ICSS) that employs 66 people with the implementation of a nationalization program (>83% Local Content).

Key Features

  • Contract value: 8M$ per year
  • Duration: Initial 3+1 years – renewed in 2015 for 1+1
  • Location: Port Harcourt & Offshore
  • No LTI in 4 Years

Additional information

  • Very short mobilisation & take-over schedule
  • >600,000 ManHours without LTI
  • Particular security issue in Port Harcourt
  • High National Content
  • ICSS & Turbine Maintenance


Country: Nigeria
Facilities: FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading unit)
Short description: Maintenance & Technical Method Contract (MTMC) on OML130 / AKPO


This contract involves Akpo FPSO project located on OML130 200km off the coast of Port Harcourt. This facility consists of 2M stb storage capacity FPSO for a production of 160 000 barrels per day and gas export of 3.2M Sm3/d to facilities in Bonny LNG. It is the first full electric designed FPSO. Power generation comprises of 144MW (5+1 Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbine) & 3 Thermodyn turbo Compressor are under MTMC responsibility.

This is a multi-technical contract (Electrical / HVAC, instrumentation, mechanical, Turbine and ICSS) that employs 91 people, including 11 onshore, with the implementation of a nationalization program (>80% Local Content).

Key Features

  • Contract value: 11M$ per year
  • Duration: Initial 5+1 years – Awarded in 2015
  • Location: Lagos & Offshore

Additional information

  • Very short mobilisation & Hand-over schedule (6 weeks)
  • Particular security issue in Nigeria
  • High National Content
  • ICSS & Turbine Maintenance

Data Management Service

Support Services for Operations and Maintenance

Nexus has been implementing Engineering Data Warehouse, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (SAP based) and Corrosion Management Systems for Shell’s Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Our deliverables under this service include:

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

  • Physical Asset Verifications, development of Asset Register/facility data for loading into SAP
  • Identification of Safety Critical Elements (SCE).
  • Maintenance Operations Strategies, and Maintenance Matrix development for Preventive Maintenance (PM) Jobs.
  • Identification of critical spares, and development of Spare Parts Management Systems indicating required spares, quantity available and cost.

Corrosion Management System (CMS)

  • Risk Based Inspection Report (RBI)
  • Corrosion Management Drawings (CMDs)
  • Populated Data loading Utilities (DLUs)
  • Intelligent Computer Aided Drawings (ICAD)
  • Baseline Data in system loadable format

Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW)

  • Setup Master Data
  • Index & reference documents data
  • Link documents to asset hierarchy
  • Prepare equipment record cards

Project References

Data Management Support Services Provided

Provision Of CMMS for Escravos NGCSPDCJun-12
Provision Of CMMS for ROCI (Agbada F2 Gaslift & Imo-River Gaslift)SPDCJan-13
Provision Of CMMS and PACER for Afam F5SPDCSep-13
Provision Of CMMS and PACER Deliverables For Adibawa-OkodiaSPDCJan-13
Provision Of PACER Deliverables for NCTL (Soku-Sanbarth)SPDCOct-12
Provision Of Reliability Engineering ServicesSPDCJun-13
Provision Of PACER Deliverables for Santa BarbaraSPDCAug-11

NLNG Master Data Remediation Works Project – Ongoing

Provision Of CMMS, EDW and PACER Deliverables for Agbada and Utorogu NAG
Provision Of CMMS, EDW and PACER Deliverables for UUED
Provision Of CMMS, EDW and PACER Deliverables for SSAGS
Provision Of CMMS, Asset Manuals, EDW and PACER Deliverables for K2s
Provision Of CMMS, Asset Manuals and EDW Deliverables for NCTL

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