Nexus is the leading indigenous service provider in the area of Operations Readiness, Reliability Engineering, and Plant Maintenance services.

Fast Facts

  • Responsible for pre-startup, commissioning, post-startup, and shutdown readiness services for some of Nigeria’s most critical assets including the NLNG plant (which produces 10% of the world’s LNG supply) and the Bonga FPSO (2 million barrel storage capacity).
  • Delivered operability and maintainability studies and guides for major investments including Shell’s Gbaran  Ubie project (gas processing capacity 1 billion scfd) and the Sea Eagle FPSO (1.4 million barrel storage capacity).
  • Nexus CMMS and corrosion management services are in operation at over 17 major energy installations, including Nigeria’s largest gas plant – the Shell Soku plant. Soku processes about 4% of the gas that enters the global LNG market annually.
  • 13 major IOC energy facilities in the Niger Delta are currently being operated using operational technical manuals developed by our team.

case studies

Operability and Maintainability Studies – Sea Eagle & Bonga FPSOs

During this project, Nexus Alliance:

  • Identified equipment that have no redundancy and equipment that have flawed redundancy and developed appropriate and relevant maintenance plans.
  • Identified and recommended remedies for design anomalies that impact on maintainability of assets.
  • Reviewed and identified maintenance strategies that require total plant shutdown. Assessed if such strategies are relevant or if alternative strategies are required.
  • Quantify the impact of deferment if shutdown for maintenance Reviewed existing maintenance strategies and rationalized the value of such strategies and recommend changes.
  • Recommended industry best practices to maximizing availability and reliability at a lower cost.

Maintenance Integrity & Execution (MIE) Training & Implementation Support

  • Nexus has provided Maintenance Integrity and Execution( MIE) Training and Implementation/Support for Shell Nigeria (SPDC and SNEPCO).
  • Nexus delivered the Shell Global Process Guide training/Coaching for Work Preparation, Scheduling & Execution Operation Excellence (OE) for the East and West facilities.

Consultancy Services for Relentless Production Improvement (RPI)

Our deliverables under this service include:

  • Implementation of standardized work in line with the RPI process guide.  Work with field and office supervisors to develop a structured day program.
  • Coach field supervisors on data collection, reporting and analysis of first line maintenance logbooks with the aim of identifying defects and eliminating before they cause major failures/deferments.
  • Conduct kaizen workshops with field staff and handhold SPDC staff to achieve 6-sigma certification.
  • Set up maintenance consumable stores /management systems and Kanban systems for reordering consumables.

Facility Turnaround Shutdown Optimisation (TARS-OP) & Assistance programs

  • Nexus Alliance conducted Turnaround/Shutdown studies for two SNEPCO FPSOs – Bonga and Sea Eagle.
  • The Nexus Turnaround/Shutdown Optimization (TARS-OP) program revealed inefficiencies and opportunities for improved workforce productivity.
  • The program also helped SNEPCO to identify short and long term shutdown cost improvement opportunities as well as opportunities for reduction in shutdown duration.
  • This program has become part of SNEPCO’s continuous improvement framework and provides a baseline for future comparisons.

Reliability, Availability, Maintenance & Safety (RAMS) Consultancy Services

The scope of our consultancy services include:

  • Provision of independent assessments of systems/equipment on Bonga and EA assets for their maintainability without a system or plant shutdown.
  • Identification of systems and equipment that have no redundancy for routine maintenance.
  • Identification of maintenance plans and items from SAP that requires unit/plant shutdown with their expected deferment value in boe.
  • Suggest solutions to such systems/equipment’s for further engineering to enable doing maintenance without a system or plant shutdown.

Key Partners

The global leader in operations, training, and maintenance manuals. Over 50% of Fortune 100 companies use RWD products.

A pioneer in the field of Reliability centered maintenance. ART has performed cutting edge work for NASA and other major entities.

Developers of the world acclaimed PCS (Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Software) – Zenator.

Major Clients

Value Proposition

Our track record in this regards speaks for itself: we have supported the most demanding clients in Operational Assurance for major capital projects in the Oil & Gas sector – providing design/development of “Operations Assurance” processes during project design and during project execution, participates in “Operations Assurance” activities such as:

  • Development of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manning requirement
  • Training of O&M personnel (including development of training programs)
  • Development of FAT programs and participation in FAT for specialist equipment
  • Preservation – Pre-shipment preservation and pre-start up preservation.
  • Development and provision of PCS system (Zenator)
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities
  • Startup activities and Facility turnover
  • Facility Operation
  • Deployment of CMMS
  • Facility Maintenance (PM – Preventive Maintenance; PDm – Predictive Maintenance)

Today, process documentation designed and deployed by Nexus Alliance guides and controls the daily operations of several of the largest plant facilities in West Africa. Our input minimizes downtime, maximizes operational efficiency, and maximizes the plant lifecycle – thus delivering significant and quantifiable long-term value to our clients.

In addition, true to our focus on operational excellence, we are recognized as an industry leader in the deployment and management of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

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Nexus Alliance Limited (Nexus) is a fully Nigerian Owned Company with capabilities in Training and Technology Services for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Process industries. Nexus was formed in 1998 with a vision of bridging the gap between the skilled manpower needs of Multi-national Corporations and the out put from the Nigerian educational system.