Design & Supply

Process Equipment

Provision of Specialist Manpower & Technical Assistance services for the TOTAL AMENAM/KPONO Oil & Gas Export Project.

The scope of services covered under this contract include:

  • Offshore Piping Inspection.
  • Monitoring all piping, vessel and pipe support construction and pre-commissioning works for AMPI upgrade.
  • Monitoring all mechanical activities for AMPI upgrade as well as on the Hook-up barge, and/or for AMP2 platform during the project’s offshore campaign.
  • Monitoring all painting and coating activities for AMP1 upgrade as well as on the Hook-up barge, and/or for AMP2 platform during the project’s offshore campaigns.

Supply of Technical Assistance Services for the commissioning and startup of Trains 4 & 5, Nigeria LNG Bonny Island.

“Nexus Alliance provides Technical Manpower to support capacity planning in flexible operating conditions. This is enabled by our ability to train, track and retain significant numbers of potential candidates who have been certified through/by our training activities.”

  • Provision of Pre-commissioning and commissioning Engineers on EGP3A Onshore project
  • Provision of commissioning Engineers on EGP3B Offshore Project

“Nexus Alliance is primarily involved in the oil & gas production and process sectors, dealing with offshore and onshore projects. Our clients are able to draw on our experience in finding the right professionals for their specific needs. ”

UMBRELLA CONTRACT: under this contract, Nexus supplied over 600 Expatriates of varying disciplines in Technical and Senior engineering positions to SPDC in support of various projects both onshore and offshore Nigeria. These projects included the BTIP and Afam Power Plant projects.

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Nexus Alliance Limited (Nexus) is a fully Nigerian Owned Company with capabilities in Training and Technology Services for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Process industries. Nexus was formed in 1998 with a vision of bridging the gap between the skilled manpower needs of Multi-national Corporations and the out put from the Nigerian educational system.