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Concept Design and FEED Studies

Applying a clear-thinking design approach, together with a deep understanding of technologies and water processing, combine to provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Detailed Design and Equipment definition

Creating 3D models to ensures the fit, form and function of each design stage of the process treatment equipment.

Refurbishment and Enhancements

Providing a wide range of spare parts from a well established support base of experienced suppliers, your spares and repairs requirements are fully catered for.

Debottlenecking and Upgrades

Development and implementation of specific Site Trials and detailed analysis of the results supports desktop design studies to provide operators with a clear understanding of the limitations and opportunities available, supported by detailed work plans and budgets.

Maintenance & Spares Support Services

Providing a wide range of spare parts from a well-established support base of experienced suppliers, your spares and repairs requirements are fully catered for.

Machined components through to full sub-assemblies, and even complete vessels and internals can be supplied.

Many different models and types of coarse strainer internals and media filters are serviced, and spares for a wide range of units can be provided. Call us with your requirements and we will provide a friendly and efficient service.

The nature of seawater, in particular when at an elevated temperature, demands high quality and specification of materials. A wide variety of materials and service fluids can be offered, including:

  • Carbon Steel Vessels with 316 St St internals
  • Duplex St St Vessels and internals
  • Super Duplex St St vessels and internals
  • Titanium vessels and titanium/super duplex internals

Coarse Strainers Products

Water Injection

Designed to operate automatically and reliably in the most arduous of conditions, this robust design utilises tubular arrays of welded, wire-wound strainer elements.

The filter elements have a wedge shaped, slotted filtering surface and service flow is from inside to outside of the elements. The narrow slots between the wedge shaped etchings allow only two-point contact of any removed suspended solids, and thus backwashing is much more effective than for woven wire mesh designs.

Regular automated backwashing ensures that the wedge wire elements are flushed with a water velocity of twice the forward flow velocity, ensuring that a vigorous release action is provided for the best possible cleaning process. This is highly effective against the stickiness of many bio-growths including plankton and jelly fish.

Media Filters Products

Water Injection

Effective high flow multimedia internals are required to evenly distribute and collect water over the entire surface of the filter bed, during both normal service and backwash, and to distribute scour air during backwash.

The top system consists of an inlet header pipe with regularly spaced laterals ending with upward facing distribution heads. This arrangement ensures even flow through the filter bed, which is essential for maintaining high particle removal efficiency as well as ensuring that air does not collect in the top of the vessel during backwash.

The appropriate media grade selection is critical for the required filtration duty, including the ideal backwash cycle to recover a fully clean and re-stratified for the next duty cycle.

Vacuum Deaerators Products

Water Injection

Optimised designs are a compromise between the deaerator tower size and vacuum pump size. Selection of the most appropriate random packing using the latest designs available is supported by computer modelling of the range of process conditions to be achieved.

Gas stripping as a process mechanism is also provided, either as the sole means of deaeration or as an optional mode of operation.

Effective internal designs ensure good distribution and redistribution to maximise the mass transfer of oxygen from the liquid phase to the gas phase, combined with effective oxygen scavenger distribution across the residence section which feeds the low suction pressure booster pumps.

Cartridge Filters

Water Injection

  • Compact and effective filtration at a range of micron ratings and solids holding capacities allow flexibility in achieving a wide range of water treatment duties. Cartridge materials are selected based on the operating conditions and access to the vessel internals can be achieved by either quick-release swing bolts or fully interlocked quick-release covers.
  • Accurate and reliable chemical dosing at consistent rates are essential to optimising the technical and cost effectiveness of processes. Pump specification, tank sizing and instrumentation selection are essential to providing operationally reliable and reducing operator intervention.

Project References

  • Egina – The supply of Egina WashWater Package Project
  • Egina – The supply of Seawater coarse & Fine Filtration for Egina

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