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Our Journey of Firsts

Ours is a journey that has been modest but eventful – full of “Firsts” in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria. From 1998, when Nexus was invited to tender for a Unique Project by Shell called the Shell Intensive Training Program (SITP), the first of its kind in the industry, we have been at the forefront of pioneering projects that has helped our demanding clients achieve dramatic and sustainable improvements in operational efficiencies and overall long-term goals through innovative solutions that address their unique challenges.

Our integrated service framework supports the collaboration of our service lines of Technology, Learning and Competency Development, Asset Management and Maintenance capabilities to allow us accomplish our goals.

Some of our projects that exemplify the successful outcome of the “Nexus Alliance Firsts” Concept include:


Shell Intensive Training Programme (SITP).

Duration: January 1998 – June 2009

The SITP Programme, the first of its kind in the industry, was established in 1998 with the objective of using British educational standards and quality to develop the skills of young Nigerian graduates and technicians and to prepare them for employment in the oil industry. The company enlisted the services of Robert Gordon University and Nexus Alliance / Ipedex, two organizations engaged in developing staff to design and deliver the Programme. The SITP Programme has two distinct components.

The SITP1 component is intended for technical engineering/science graduates.  The students (designated as Trainees) are recruited in Nigeria through a rigorous selection process. Recruits to SITP1 are required undergo a one-year intensive training programme during which they are staff members of the Company. There were three specialisations available: Engineering, IT and Geology.  The programme was converted to a Masters Level Programme in 2001.  On recruitment, Trainees are informed that the training will be both challenging and intensive. Upon successful completion of the training, the Trainees are posted on their first job assignment in either Field Engineering or Production Engineering.  During the 1-year programme, Trainees are provided with full board and accommodation and there is, at Edjeba Learning Village, Warri; where both SITP 1 and SITP 2 are based, a purpose-designed learning environment. Around 1000 Engineers have completed SITP 1 since 1998.

The SITP2 program has been developed for school leavers with a technical background. In SITP2, there are three areas of specialisation: Instrumentation Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology, with Production Operations common to all of them. The training from 1998 until 2005 was provided by Nexus Alliance Limited in conjunction with the Ipedex Group (Aberdeen, UK) it was taken over 100% by Nexus Alliance in 2006.  At the end of the training, the technicians receive a City and Guilds Technicians Diploma. The affiliation with City and Guilds International of London enables graduates of the programme to obtain the internationally recognised Technician Diploma. Around 700 Technicians have completed SITP 2 since 1998.


Price Aggregation Rule (PAR) Systems for GACN

The Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Limited (GACN) was established for the purpose of stimulating growth of natural gas utilization in the Nigerian domestic market, further to the statutory requirement of the National Domestic Gas Supply and pricing regulations.

Nexus Alliance Limited worked with GACN to develop, install and commission a solution by which GACN can manage the aggregation process mentioned below and associated with gas sales in Nigeria.

The Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Limited (GACN), the “Aggregator”, as part of its functions as stipulated in The National Domestic Gas Supply and Pricing Policy 2008, is to manage and coordinate payments for gas supplies to Sellers under the FGN stipulated Domestic Supply Obligation (DSO) as derived from the Gas Sale & Aggregation Agreements (GSAAs) and Price Aggregation Rules.

These Price Aggregation Rules will apply to all GSAA gas volumes sold under the FGN stipulated Domestic Supply Obligation as maybe communicated to Supplier(s) from time to time by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). As part of the conditions for GSAA, supplier signs unto a Price Aggregation Rules Agreement (PARA) which is the base for revenue aggregation under this process. References in the attached Price Aggregation Rules Agreement to specific Articles refer to the standard Gas Sale & Aggregation Agreement also attached. GSAAs under this framework will follow a common template, although specific bilateral terms or conditions may vary.

The PAR System, developed by Nexus, is a software system to be used for the seamless administration of the aggregation process to enable GACN carry out its obligations both under the GSAA and Price Aggregation Rules Agreement.


NLNG’s Plant Asset Master Data Remediation Works.

Duration: September 2020 – On-going

This project highlights our most recent involvement with Nigeria LNG Limited where we won a contract valued at $4 million to remediate her Plant Assets Master data in readiness of their planned migration of her Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Indeed, this is a great leap in our multiple endeavours to establish more footprint in Nigeria’s oil and gas establishments, and our strategy to be positioned for more opportunities within NLNG specifically, considering her track record in operational sustainability and growth.

The “Plant Asset Master Data Remediation works” as awarded by NLNG entails Cleansing, Transformation, Enrichment, Governance and Migration of plant assets master data. In the course of tendering, we partnered with a US based company leading the market share in data remediation activities, automation and governance of plant assets master data across various industries.

Plants can only be efficiently maintained if her assets are well registered during project handover, and a structured Management of Change (MOC) process is established to manage all changes happening through different channels (e.g. Turnarounds, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Minor plant changes, Projects etc.) during the life cycle of the asset. Many reputable assets across the world today struggle to achieve this, which ultimately affect plant integrity, efficiency, decision making, operational availability, HSE and ultimately, profitability due to salient losses that could grow to significant values in the P & L over time.

This has led to companies waking up to the call to pay attention to the health of their Plant Assets master data, so as to remediate these issues and efficiently manage the asset. The resultant effect is that this niche specialist market is growing and we, Nexus Alliance Limited, are doing what we can to position ourselves in the West African market in view of the opportunities we envisage in the next couple of years.

A word from our CEO

Since 1998, Nexus Alliance has served businesses with significant industrial assets in the energy and infrastructure industries globally, developing competencies and capabilities in People, streamlining Processes And Procedures for optimal Asset Performance, and Design Engineering solutions to optimize efficiencies in our clients’ businesses.

From our inception as a single business entity some 20 years ago we have undergone continuous growth, both organic and inorganic, resulting in our current organizational structure which comprises a parent company, wholly-owned sister companies, several substantially-owned affiliated organizations, and all backed by various international household name business partners.

This development now confers upon us the assets, facilities, expertise, and international experience allowing us to deliver Energy and related industry projects, at any stage of an Asset’s Life Cycle, in any geographical location.

Engineering, Construction, Operations and Maintenance all fall within our remit, together with the necessary related Technologies, systems, procedures, documentation and training of personnel.

Some of our top tier clientele – ExxonMobil, Chevron, SPIE, Shell and the National Oil Corporation, NNPC – testify to our claims to deliver efficient, effective and value-driven solutions to any client need, whether concerned with single discipline, multi-discipline or total life cycle issues.

Health, Safety and real concern for the Environment are paramount among our operational values and our history of minimal Lost Time Incidents bears witness to this fact

Our Ultimate Goal is to be a major player in the Green Energy Space as underpinned by our Core Value System which drives all we do.

So why not take a close look at our website, where you will find the detailed information you require concerning our enterprise and its many aspects, to allow you to choose us as a future partner.

Welcome to Nexus Alliance!

Our Clients

Our clients are generally businesses with significant human and physical assets such as Oil & Gas, Refinery and Infrastructure service providers.